Our Story

And So It Began 1923-1925

The Judd & Black story begins with our namesakes, Wayne Judd and Don Black. The two men began working at Puget Sound Power and Light in Everett in the mid-1920s. Judd serviced electric appliances, while Black installed electric meters to homes. It was a time in which the power company, not a retailer, sold and serviced your household appliances. The two men even had the honor of delivering the first electric range and refrigerator seen in Snohomish County.

Our Story
Our Story

A Winding Journey 1939-1946

In 1939, the power company stopped handling appliances, and Judd’s job was no more. Instead of remaining with the company in another capacity, Judd opened up his own shop and picked up the power company’s appliance-related business. The following year, Black joined Judd to form the Judd & Black Electric Company.

During World War II, Judd & Black’s early business focused on appliance repair, as new products weren’t being built due to war efforts. By 1946, with the war over, Judd & Black sold new Westinghouse appliances. They also hired themselves an apprentice by the name of Bob Long. A WWII Navy veteran, Long spent most of his time servicing appliances and doing wiring work on homes.

Setting the Bar 1955-1962

In 1955, Black bought out Judd’s interest in the company, but kept the name. As Long conducted household electrical work for customers, he began carrying around a new electric washing machine in the back of his truck, showing it off to interested homeowners. Although Judd & Black’s appliance selling had initially taken a backseat to installing household water and heating systems, Long helped shift Judd & Black back toward appliances.

In 1962, they moved from their original location in Everett to the historic Bass Building at 3001 Hewitt Avenue which became the flagship store. The new store featured three times as much floor space, and Judd & Black soon grew to be one of Washington’s largest independent appliance sales and service companies.

Our Story
Our Story

We Grow 1976-1989

In 1976, after years of serving as General Manager of Judd & Black, Bob Long Sr. bought the business from Don Black. Bob’s two sons, Bob Jr. and William, also were part of the business, having started by sweeping floors and washing service trucks. In 1987, Long Sr. sold the business to them. That same year, the Lynnwood location was opened. Not long after, in 1989, Judd & Black expanded again and opened the Marysville location.

We Change 2005-2018

In 2005, the third generation of Longs, brothers Bob III and Cory, purchased Judd & Black Appliance from their father and uncle. Eventually Bob and Cory made the decision to expand into Skagit County in 2011, when Anderson Appliance approached them about taking over their business. What they didn’t know was that that would kick off a period of quick expansion. Shortly thereafter, Anaco Appliance decided to merge with us. Not long after that, Lehmann’s Appliance in Bellingham approached Bob and Cory about taking over their business and in 2013 we opened up our Northern most location in the heart of Bellingham.

Sadly in September 2018, we lost our flagship store to a devastating fire. While we lost our home of 56 years, the community also lost a historic building and landmark that was older than the city of Everett. But with every loss comes opportunity and just six months later we opened a new Everett location.

We Look Forward Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond

Today, a fourth generation is moving up the ranks. Bob Long III’s son, Taylor, is store manager at our Marysville location. We hope to continue to serve Northwest Washington for decades and generations to come.

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